The adventures (and misadventures) of…

My name is Sophie and although I don’t like to admit it, I am a Sheltie, but please don’t spread that around. My Mommy always says that we are her “four-legged children”. I’m going to be fifteen on my next birthday which is October 15th for anybody who wants to send me cards and gifts, BTW pink is my favourite colour and I really love pearls;)Hmmm, what would be interesting to tell you? Well, we live with Mommy and Daddy who totally spoil me, as they should, in a place with big mountains and lots of water. I have a brother who is 7 AND a little sister who is a huge pest, but besides that she is about 5 and 1/2, or 6 or 7, we don’t know, sigh, but enough about them!
My favourite things are eating, noooo, I’d have to say sleeping is number one, then eating, and people who talk to and compliment me. Walking is okay too, but if it’s raining or cold then FORGET IT! My Mommy will tell my Daddy “If she doesn’t want to go, don’t make her”, (happy dance) and I get to stay home all warm and dry! I mean I do have to maintain my beautiful coiffure, right ladies?
Time for my beauty sleep and for my Daddy to carry me up the stairs, (yawn) sweet dreams everybody.
Hi, my name is Bobby and I’m 6 (7). I’m a tri-coloured Sheltie and my favourite thing is FOOD!
My two sisters are a lot of work so I get lots of treats for keeping them in line!
My Mommy says I’m kind of shy and sensitive. I only give her kisses sometimes and then she really likes it! She tells me that “I’m too smart for my own good” but I know she loves me very much.
I LOVE to go for car rides with the window open and feel the breeze in my face, that is so much fun!

Jasmine Marie

Hi everybody. My name is Jasmine Marie and I am a Shih Tzu through and through. My Mommy didn’t know what that meant when she brought me home last year but I’m teaching her!
I love my pack very much and even though my big sister Sophie just ignores me most of the time that’s okay because I LOVE teasing my brother Bobby. Sometimes we fight over the “softies” and Mommy laughs at us, we can keep this game up for hours! Bobby THINKS he is almost as stubborn as me…but we’ll see about that.
I love car rides, well only if I get to sit on the console and not in my kennel, but I really do LOVE sleeping in my Mommy and Daddys bed! At night Daddy says “NO dogs in the bed”, so I stay in my own little bed and then when they are sleeping I jump up and sleep in the middle ALL night nice and cozy.(tee hee hee)



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  1. You have adorable fur babies! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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