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Jasmine and the pudding cup

But, I wasn’t finished with it yet….


I’m bored

I'm bored
I can’t find nothing to do, sigh. I can’t tease, I mean play with Bobby ’cause he has to “take it easy” Mommy says. Sophie only wants to sleep all the time and it’s really hot here so I’m not allowed to stay outside for too long.
Mommy says since Bobby doesn’t feel like writing now I CAN DO THE BLOG! Yippee!! First I’m going to look through the pictures and then I will tell about them, some of them are pretty interesting so I hope you’ll check back soon!

Wordless Wednesday

Jasmine sunbathing


In the summertime when the weather is fine…

I love everything about summer! Hot sunny days, dry grass (because it rains a lot here), car trips, popsicles, lawn chairs, vacations, sun-bathing, water park for dogs, I could go on and on but I'm going back outside now!

Jasmine “The Scream”

Jazz, sigh, this girl is a “puzzlement”, nobody can figure out why she does this “screaming”. I was working on my computer when she came in and just started “it” so I grabbed my camera and started filming. I missed about the first 5 secs. of her screaming, (which wasn’t as loud as other times) as she looked right at me and threw her head up and let loose! She will go off alone and do it too, and also does when she is given a piece of hard pumpkin chewie stick.

Jazz will do “it” 6 or more times a day at her worst, poor Bobby just hates it and will run to me to “make it stop”, thank goodness Sophie is deaf and doesn’t hear it, meanwhile I’ve been getting a headache daily!

Unfortunately I can’t add my video so here’s a photo of Jazz doing her VICTORY HOWL when her team the Canucks won in 2011.

Jasmine The Baby

Hi everybody. My name is Jasmine and I am a Shih Tzu through and through. My Mommy didn’t know what that meant when she brought me home a few months ago but I’m teaching her!
I love my pack very much and even though my big sister Sophie just ignores me most of the time that’s okay because I LOVE teasing my brother Bobby. Sometimes we fight over the “softies” and Mommy laughs at us, we can keep this game up for hours! I think Bobby is almost as stubborn as me…we’ll see about that.
I love car rides, if I get to sit on the console and not in my kennel, and sleeping in my Mommy and Daddys bed! Daddy says “NO dogs in the bed”, so I stay in my own little bed and then when they are asleep I jump up and sleep in the middle ALL night.(tee hee)