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Bobby First Day Home, July 29 2005


First meeting Bobby at 6 weeks, July 2005

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Bobby at 6 weeks, Jluy 2005

Water Park for Dogs

This is what we call the “water park for dogs”, it’s a wonderful park in our City and being Canadian we love nature. Many dog families come here to play and enjoy the freshness and beauty, and it’s great to meet up with some of the regulars for a chat while the dogs play.
The water is clean and fresh and is fed by a stream from a mountain and it’s cold, but the dogs love it. The stream is hidden away under trees so it stays shady and cool. And there are wonderful trails through the bush area where we hike with the dogs off-leash and yet you will see houses around too.
Jazz hasn’t been to this park yet, she doesn’t like water, but we’ll definitely be visiting many times over the summer and I will probably end up carrying her (which I love to do – to my husbands chagrin) and I’ll get some new photo’s and update this storey.
The Border Collie in the pictures is Lily; she was a rescue we had a few years ago who I will write about at another time.

The not-hired Help

I have been busy with chores around the house again. First there’s laundry, I am always helping Mommy and am especially good at sorting socks, I do it before they get washed and after and I don’t know why Mommy doesn’t appreciate my help!
Then there’s vacuuming, I have to stay beside Mommy when she lets the noisy monster out of the closet because you never know when it’s going to do more than ROAR! My sisters are both scared of it so I tell them to get up on the bed or couch, Jazzie listens to me but Sophie says “I’m not the boss of her” and she stays where she is and Mommy will wait until she moves.
My favourite job is helping clean up the kitchen! Sometimes little bits of food are on the plates and bowls and I get to lick them before they go in the white water box, but now that I think about it, since the last time we saw Dr. Elizabeth I haven’t been getting to do this, hmmmm. Must be something about that special diet for me that Mommy is always talking about, but as long as she keeps cooking for ME everyday I won’t complain.

Now we are 6 (again)

Bobby just celebrated his 7th birthday, but told me that he has decided to remain 6!
I’m quite sure this decision has something to do with Jasmine. We aren’t sure of her age or birthday but the vet has declared her an “adult”, however she is extremely spoiled and gets called “the baby” so there is a constant struggle between the two of them for who will get the most attention. Sophie being the sweet senior of the pack ignores their antics unless she needs to give them a reminder or two.
Bobby’s secret desire was to be a police dog, however he now feels that this has been sufficiently satisfied by having 2 sisters to supervise (as well as any and all visitors whether they walk on two legs or four) so has put that idea on the back burner.
To stay in shape Bobby loves to practice Agility, just in case he decides to become a police dog after all!

Bobby The Prince

Hi, my name is Bobby and I’m 6. I’m a tri-coloured Sheltie and my favourite thing is FOOD!
My two sisters are a lot of work so I get lots of treats for keeping them in line!
My Mommy says I’m kind of shy and sensitive. I only give her kisses sometimes and then she really likes it! She tells me that “I’m too smart for my own good” but I know she loves me very much.
I LOVE to go for car rides with the window open and feel the breeze in my face, that is so much fun!

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Bobby writes…
This weather is just like my Bonnie Scotland; rainy, fog and cool temperatures.
We laddies love to go for walks when it’s raining and jump in every puddle! The lassies, not so much.T Sophie & Bobby in rain coatshe best part is all those stooopid skateboarders don’t come out.
I won’t lee, being the laird is a bit of work for me but nothing I cannot handle, the wee lassies don’t much like this weather because they say it gets their tiny wee feet wet and cold, ach, what to do. But when we come inside it’s great fun to be able to shake, shake, shake.
Somebody please tell me Mum that I don’t much care for the rain coat, I’d really prefer a tartan!