Hallowe’en pet safety tips

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1. Keep the treat bowl up high and away from Fido and Fluffy – chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and candies which contain artificial sweeteners can also cause problems. If think your dog or cat has gotten into the trick-or-treat haul and is acting unusual call your veterinarian.

2. If you are planning an incredible front yard display to scare the neighbourhood children make sure that power cords, wires and other decorations are kept out of reach of pets.

3. Place your lit pumpkins in a place where your pet can’t knock them over – kittens can be especially curious. To be especially caution you can purchase battery operated tea lights for your pumpkins.

4. As fun as dressing your dog or cat up can seem – it’s not always fun for them. If you do choose to dress your animal up see how they respond to the…

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  1. Such important info for Halloween.