Protect Pets and Farm Animals on Hallowe’en

Dog House Furever

Hallowe’en is not for pets.
Loud noises from fire-crackers, doorbells, and excited costumed children at their door are all strange and frightening to dogs and cats. Injuries or worse can easily happen when dogs or cats escape from the house or your control and dart into traffic. Unfortunately there have been cases reported where dogs were so panicked they have jumped through windows and screen doors. Farm animals can stampede and injure themselves. Pets and animals can become so startled they could run off and you may never see them again.
Whether you are going out trick-or-treating or handing out treats at the door, protect your dogs and cats by keeping them inside, and keep farm animals in the barn.
Dogs in costumes are cute but… they will be at a disadvantage when encountering another dog with their communication skills inhibited and a fight could erupt. So, dress them up…

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