Whoo Hoo Wednesday


Here comes another W.T.F. Wednesday where I can’t even make fun of someone.

Police Dog in Tucson Dies After Being Left in Hot Car – Tucson Arizona

The title alone is awful, another dog left alone in a hot car.

In Tucson no less!

The line under the title is worse, “Officer switched cars, forgot about his partner.”

Say it with me.

What the f*ck!

Apparently this police officer switched cars and left immediately for the scene of an accident, as he’s on his way to the scene he suddenly remembers his partner.

Gee, I’m thinking you go to get into the car and think, weapon – check, keys – check, cell phone – check, billy club – check, partner ?, um partner ?

If I worked for the Tucson police department and was assigned to partner with this guy, I’d think long and hard about resigning.

I’ve already said…

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4 responses to “Whoo Hoo Wednesday

  1. This is the guys Partner – how could he possibly forget him. Just terrible.