Happy CANADA Day, eh!

It’s our 145th birthday!

Since 1867 when the British North America Act created the independent Dominion of Canada, we proudly celebrate being Canadian on July 1st.

We are the world’s second largest country, with a population of 34 million people on more than 10 million square kilometres, surrounded by three oceans our landscape offers everything from mountains, waterfalls, prairies, desert and The Great Lakes across six time zones.

Here is just few reasons to love being a Canadian:

Greenpeace. For raising global environmental consciousness.

Terry Fox. STILL giving cancer a run for the money!

Polar bears. Big, white, beautiful.

Emily Carr. Eccentric and brilliant, the quintessential West Coast artist.

Bill Reid. World-renowned Haida artist.

Dr. David Suzuki. Award winning scientist, Environmentalist and so much more

Toques. For inventing hat hair, Canuck-style.

Cougar. King of the Canadian wild.

Manners. Call us conservative, just be polite about it.

Toronto Blue Jays. For putting “world” in the World Series.

Trivial Pursuit. Canadian game that made mediocrity fun.

Water. Clean and cold.

Jimmy Pattison. For being a bashful billionaire.

Poutine. French Canadian junk food. The real reason we put up with Quebec’s hissy fits.

The Friendly Giant. Jerome and Rusty and that little chair to curl up in.

Grizzly bear. Big, brown and beautiful.

Farley Mowat. Author of “The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”

Paul Watson. Modern-day pirate. Environmentalist.

White Spot. Nat Bailey and his Triple-O burger.

The Rockies. Because every country needs a backbone.

Sir Sandford Fleming. Inventor of Standard Time.

Loonies, Toonies. Money that is funny so you don’t feel bad when you spend it all.

Four seasons. From sea to shining sea.

Simon Fraser. For charting our borders, and taking on those rapids.

Inukshuk. Best rock-balancing act.

Louis Riel. Our own“Rebel with a cause”.

Roberta Bondar. For going where no Canadian woman had gone before – into space.

William Shatner. Captain Kirk.

Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, David Foster, Celine Dion, Shania Twain. The Super talented.

Jim Carrey, John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, Howie Mandel. The funniest comedians. Ever.

Democracy. One adult = one vote. Priceless.







4 responses to “Happy CANADA Day, eh!

  1. Happy B’Day!!! Ours is coming up soon. 😀

  2. And you’re all looking mighty fine at 145! Have a great day 😀