Bobby Burns the bard of B.C.

<My mum gets emails from all kinds of animal places, and they all think they are experts, huff! Like a recent one that asked “Do dogs watch TV?”
Mum has decided to let me give you the straight goods, no bones about it!
“Are ye daft?” I say, the answer is “NO” and we wish our humans wouldn’t either! We want to be near you but would much rather be outside walking and playing with you.
We love going for walks and to the park; any and all parks. We like to run, hike trails, chase balls and will even lie down beside you to watch someone else throw, kick and chase balls (even though we would rather join in the fun).
Don’t buy video’s for your dog, or subscribe to the Dog Channel unless you’re going to watch, instead take us outside for some fun and exercise. Otherwise (sigh) we’ll be forced to lie at your feet and just dream about running and playing.


4 responses to “Bobby Burns the bard of B.C.

  1. So true! The more time with our pups the better for both dog and human. 🙂

    • Wow, I refer to them as “pups” too. Maybe somebody will do the same for me 😉

    • ripleyandyowen

      That’s right my precous little nephew! Dogs do NOT watch TV. People may THINK they are…you know who I mean…the couch potatoes….the sit there watching TV thinking their babies are watching TV with them when actually what is going on is, they are sitting there wishing their human would get off their behinds and get up, turn off the idiot box, and take them out for a nice walk! You tell them my beloved, most precious nephew! You are ONE SMART POOCHIEPOO…..and I SURE DO LOVE YOU!

  2. ripleyandyowen

    That Bobby is one smart pooch! And that’s because he is MY NEPHEW! As Yogi used to say…..”He’s smaaaaaarer than the aaaaaaaaverage bear”…but in this case, it’s “He’s smaaaaarter than the aaaaaaaaaaaverage dog~!”
    And of course since he is MY NEPHEW, he’s also the most HANDSOME little devil I’ve ever seen! Giving you big hugs and kisses sweet nephew! I never put videos in for my dogs to watch….they would probably just lift their leg on it as their way of showing me what they think of it, hahahahahahahaha! So I just take my cues from them to see what they want…like rght at this moment….at 11:01pm….Ripley just got me out of bed to tell me he wants to go outside…and then he will walk me up to the corner where I will sit on the concrete stand that holds a giant TIRE advertising the tire place that is on the corner of my short dead end street. There, he will sit quietly and I will watch the back of his head turning from left to right as he watches the cars going up and down Seneca street. Then I will tell him it’s time to go back home and he will either agree with me and lead the way, or he will keep his butt parked until he wants to leave….sigh. The things we do for our beloved babies~!
    Anyway Bobby my precious….your Aunty Sandy loves you and your siblings to pieces! BIG HUGS AND KISSES FOR BOBBY, SOPHIE, and JAZZ!