Water Park for Dogs

This is what we call the “water park for dogs”, it’s a wonderful park in our City and being Canadian we love nature. Many dog families come here to play and enjoy the freshness and beauty, and it’s great to meet up with some of the regulars for a chat while the dogs play.
The water is clean and fresh and is fed by a stream from a mountain and it’s cold, but the dogs love it. The stream is hidden away under trees so it stays shady and cool. And there are wonderful trails through the bush area where we hike with the dogs off-leash and yet you will see houses around too.
Jazz hasn’t been to this park yet, she doesn’t like water, but we’ll definitely be visiting many times over the summer and I will probably end up carrying her (which I love to do – to my husbands chagrin) and I’ll get some new photo’s and update this storey.
The Border Collie in the pictures is Lily; she was a rescue we had a few years ago who I will write about at another time.


4 responses to “Water Park for Dogs

  1. That looks great. We don’t have a dog water park as such, but we do have a local park with a burn running through it. I love to splash in it, especially when it is hot. I will have to finish my blog on my park walks so you can see it.

    • I wish I could hear your accent so I could teach the Shelties! Bobby perks right up when he hears the “pipes”, a true lad he is. (Is a “burn” a creek or stream?) Looking forward to your park walk post.

  2. Well, no-one had any fun there then! šŸ˜€