Welcome to Friends of Aduana

Friends of Aduana

Welcome to Friends of Aduana. That’s Aduana’s photo in the header. Aduana is the pup who, at two months old, threw herself at my feet in Varadero Cuba three years ago, and somehow from that position, got her teeth into my heart – even though I not only didn’t want a dog, I tried not to take her. Life however, had other plans for Aduana and I – for which I’m eternally and hugely grateful. I’ve written up the full story of how Aduana became a part of my life, and how I smuggled her in my boat from Varadero to the Florida Keys, complete with photos. That story will be published here shortly…

The purpose of this blog is to educate you about the suffering of companion animals in Cuba, a country too poor to properly care for them. As a result, there are thousands of dogs and cats…

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  1. Hi – I’m the poster above who created Friends of Aduana – I was caught offguard by Nana’s quick reblogging, so give me a chance to get up to speed with this blog. I’ve got some interesting material about pets in Cuba and what we and others can do to help them. Thanks to Nana for the tips and the reblog!