I don’t know if anybody has encountered this with their senior dogs but our darling Sophie has become afraid of the dark!
She has always enjoyed sleeping, even more so since she got older and arthritic. But like the rest of us age does catch up and cause changes that we could often do without.
Sophie will be 15 this coming October 15th – her “golden” birthday that we are really looking forward to celebrating! She has always been a trooper and survived two cancer surgeries, has allergies, liver disease, hypo-thyroidism, heart disease and now has lost most of her hearing and sight. She learned to tolerate car trips but after moving 4,500 km. to the West Coast of Canada a few years ago she does not look forward to hearing “in the car”!
And on top of all that she has had numerous “brothers and sisters” that I have brought home as rescues. So she truly is special and our “princess” and we have and will continue to go the full distance for her, as long as it’s in her best interest.
Sophie has been taking Tramadol to ease her pain and stiffness for about six months and recently we added back 3 mg. of Melatonin to help her sleep. She sleeps soundly during the day, which the vet tells me “keep her up” but I just can’t, I love her too much. Besides even if I do wake her to come for a walk, she will refuse to come along, so… she sleeps.
Sophie has always looked forward to bedtime and at night gets snuggled in and comfortable on the floor beside our bed (she has her choice of dog beds and/or blankets, and yes my bed too) but this is where she plops down lately. She will be fine until the lights go out and then it starts; she wakes, gets up, paws at the night table and this wakes Bobby, who has to alert me that Sophie is up. So we play musical beds every night, one of us either sleeps downstairs on the couch with her or in the guest room with the night-light on (that would not be me as I need pitch-black to sleep). Needless to say we are all a little tired, except for Sophie that is.
I am waiting for the Vet to call as we have ordered a diffuser that contains Dog Appeasing Pheromones (D.A.P.) and it should arrive today. The pheromones act to stabilize emotions and hopefully will allow her (and Bobby) to relax. Let’s hope so, maybe it’ll work on humans too!


4 responses to “Sleeplesssssss

  1. Oh dear, that does sound tiring. I do hope Sophie manages to sleep better at night…

    • nanawith2dogs

      Hooray!!! Last night was the first night we all slept! A minor noise when the smoke alarm beeped, but the pheromones seem to work.

  2. Maybe keeping her up in the daytime is a good idea… or changing times you give her the meds

    • nanawith2dogs

      Ahhh, great minds think alike, I have tried (well sort of) and suspect that now that we are having beautiful sunny days it will be much easier, so will give it a go again.
      The med’s are twice a day with her food as per the vet, she has some GI problems so they have to stay that way.