The not-hired Help

I have been busy with chores around the house again. First there’s laundry, I am always helping Mommy and am especially good at sorting socks, I do it before they get washed and after and I don’t know why Mommy doesn’t appreciate my help!
Then there’s vacuuming, I have to stay beside Mommy when she lets the noisy monster out of the closet because you never know when it’s going to do more than ROAR! My sisters are both scared of it so I tell them to get up on the bed or couch, Jazzie listens to me but Sophie says “I’m not the boss of her” and she stays where she is and Mommy will wait until she moves.
My favourite job is helping clean up the kitchen! Sometimes little bits of food are on the plates and bowls and I get to lick them before they go in the white water box, but now that I think about it, since the last time we saw Dr. Elizabeth I haven’t been getting to do this, hmmmm. Must be something about that special diet for me that Mommy is always talking about, but as long as she keeps cooking for ME everyday I won’t complain.


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