from bobby

I don’t feel so good, my tummie has been hurting lots, and I get real tired when we walk and I can’t breav too good. so mommy took me to the dr. and her took lots of pictures of all different parts, and mommy wore this ugly dress thingy so her could stay wif me. then I got poked and poked in my neck to get blood and I CAN’T YIKE THAT!!

But mommy said I was a good boy and now her’s cookin me special food, and I ate it all up fast b/c my sisters wanna take it so mommy gave them some too, grrrr, its s’posed to be just for me! but mommy said her don’t want any noise or fighting b/c I’m s’posed to be resting so that’s why. I get special breakfast and dinner evry day from now on and i yike that.

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