Bobby at the Vet

225Bobby went to the vet last Saturday and had x-rays and blood work done. The x-rays show a narrowing of his esophagus;  he chokes and honks/coughs and almost throws up, a little bit of phlegm does come up, so he is back on the Hycodan.

Bobby’s first blood results came back and he has pancreatitis! One of our precious dogs who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge had it and there is no treatment for it, just management so Bobby has started the low fat GI diet today.

Canine Pancreatitis is a condition that occurs when the pancreas becomes swollen or inflamed. This inflammation is usually caused by an excess production of digestive fluids in the pancreas. These fluids subsequently begin to “digest” the pancreas, causing irritation, damage, and a significant amount of pain for your dog. Because of the nature of pancreatitis, and the possible long-term damage, it is important to treat this condition as early as possible."

He also had abnormal thyroid (low) so they also ran the TSH test which came back as "low normal" which means that the thyroid is trying to calm things down because of the pancreatitis, so it is overworking and should improve with strict diet mgmt.

His x-rays showed a "node" near his heart – so we going to the "Canada West Veterinary Hospital", a vet hospital full of specialists in Vancouver, it’s the a Mayo Clinic for dogs! He’ll get a thorough work-up and get correctly diagnosed.

This has been going on for 4 years – different diagnoses, pills, etc and it’s time to get it right and help our precious little boy, after all he wants to get back to his Agility work-outs ASAP because you never know when the K9 cops will call!


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