Now we are 6 (again)

Bobby just celebrated his 7th birthday, but told me that he has decided to remain 6!
I’m quite sure this decision has something to do with Jasmine. We aren’t sure of her age or birthday but the vet has declared her an “adult”, however she is extremely spoiled and gets called “the baby” so there is a constant struggle between the two of them for who will get the most attention. Sophie being the sweet senior of the pack ignores their antics unless she needs to give them a reminder or two.
Bobby’s secret desire was to be a police dog, however he now feels that this has been sufficiently satisfied by having 2 sisters to supervise (as well as any and all visitors whether they walk on two legs or four) so has put that idea on the back burner.
To stay in shape Bobby loves to practice Agility, just in case he decides to become a police dog after all!


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