The Incredible Rescue

At Pet Country Estate, we believe ‘Guardian Angels’ have 4 paws, cold noses, wagging tails and courageous hearts!

With that in mind, we wish to share with you this amazing TRUE story!  Pet Country Estate’s INCREDIBLE RESCUE is for animal lovers everywhere!

The Incredible Rescue happened late February, 1995.

Jim set out  on a leisurely walk with his two dogs Tara & Tiree.

They made their way along their usual route – through a wooded area, across a frozen section of Lake Simcoe.  Walking behind Tara & Tiree, Jim suddenly fell through the ice nearly 300 meters from shore.  As he tried to lift himself out of the chilled water, the ice continued to break.  Tara the Rottweiler immediately ran to his aide, while he struggled to stay afloat.  As she approached the spot where Jim fell in the frigid waters, she too fell through.

With Jim & Tara both in peril, Golden Retriever Tiree moved towards them.

Certain Tiree would also fall through as well, Jim was afraid the situation was about to become much worse.  Sensing something was wrong, Tiree crouched about 12 feet from Jim, and amazingly…began to crawl on her belly.  When this remarkable dog finally reached Jim, he grabbed ahold of her collar to stay afloat, and helped Tara onto the ice.

Once out of the water, Tara followed Tiree’s lead, and lay on her stomach, allowing Jim also grab hold of her collar! With their claws frantically scratching the surface, the dynamic duo of ‘Tara & Tiree’ instinctively proceeded to drag Jim away from the hole, out of the water, and safely back to shore.

             Jim & TireeCamillaon CTV’s Camilla Scott Show

   Tara & Tiree – March 4, 1996

Inducted into the Purina Hall of Fame         

for their Loyalty, Intelligence & Teamwork

Not only do their actions clearly show the devotion and intelligence of these beautiful animals, it also proves that DOGS are our "BEST FRIENDS!" 

To ‘Tara & Tiree’: words cannot express our love, appreciation and gratitude.

We can only THANK YOU, and trust that you will always be…Jim’s Guardian Angels!


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