Stop the suffering on Canadian farms now!

As a subscriber to the CFHS’s Hum@ne News, you’ve been reading about our involvement in ensuring that farm animals across Canada are treated humanely.  

What you may not be aware of is that our work to develop positive and progressive farm animal welfare standards of care (Codes of Practice) is at a critical point.  As we are negotiating these Codes with industry, there is growing pressure from consumers to have retailers and suppliers source our foods more humanely.  This momentum is exciting, but to keep it going, we need your financial help today.

Isn’t it great to see progressive national food retailers and restaurant chains moving towards humanely raised food supplies?  As a supporter of a humane Canada, I’m sure you’d agree that these stories are good news.  They’re exciting to us because they represent a strong movement towards the humane treatment of farm animals.  Animals that many Canadians rely on for their food.

Yet, there are still headlines like this:

Yes, you read that correctly!  

There are still suppliers and national restaurant chains who believe that humane treatment of these animals is not necessary.  It’s hard to understand how the bottom line trumps the need to have a basic, human respect for other animals! 

PigAs a nation we ate almost 1.5 billion kilograms of beef and pork products last year!  That’s over 13 million cattle and pigs.  That may seem like a large number but, keep in mind that over 600 million animals are raised in Canada every year for food.  And they routinely suffer from stressful and painful experiences, all in the name of profit and inexpensive meals.

This isn’t the best we can do!  We can do better!


As the only national animal welfare organization on the National Farm Animal Care Council, which sets standards of care for farm animals (Codes of Practice), we have improved the lives of millions of dairy cows in Canada, but we need your help to improve the lives of even more animals, especially beef cattle and pigs, at this time.

If we weren’t part of the Council, the agri-business industry would be free to dictate minimal standards of animal welfare for farms, allowing practices that regularly cause animal suffering, all in the name of cheaper food.

Because the process to negotiate and implement Codes of Practice is complicated and requires many months (sometimes years) to complete, we can only make a true difference if we have your support.  Your special donation today to support our Code work ensures that we stay at the table, persisting towards better conditions for animals on Canadian farms. 

Animals shouldn’t have to suffer during their lives to feed us.  Help us ease their pain and suffering and make your special donation now.


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