Jasmine “The Scream”

Jazz, sigh, this girl is a “puzzlement”, nobody can figure out why she does this “screaming”. I was working on my computer when she came in and just started “it” so I grabbed my camera and started filming. I missed about the first 5 secs. of her screaming, (which wasn’t as loud as other times) as she looked right at me and threw her head up and let loose! She will go off alone and do it too, and also does when she is given a piece of hard pumpkin chewie stick.

Jazz will do “it” 6 or more times a day at her worst, poor Bobby just hates it and will run to me to “make it stop”, thank goodness Sophie is deaf and doesn’t hear it, meanwhile I’ve been getting a headache daily!

Unfortunately I can’t add my video so here’s a photo of Jazz doing her VICTORY HOWL when her team the Canucks won in 2011.


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