Help raise a baby bear

IFAW’s Russian Bear Center is caring for six orphaned baby bears, and we need your help to raise them.
The bears arrived in two batches. The first batch was found by hikers after the mother was scared away from her den.
The second batch was orphaned after hunters roused their mother from hibernation and killed her. The hunters then brought the cubs to the Center.
There’s no substitute for a mother’s love, but with your help, we’re hopeful that we can raise the bears and someday release them back to the wild.
Will you help raise these baby bears?
Your gift will ensure that these baby bears have enough of the highly nourishing formula milk they need to grow strong…it will purchase warming blankets that mimic their mother’s body warmth…it will provide vital medicine the bears need to survive, and it will help IFAW rescue and care for even more animals.
IFAW’s Russian Bear Center caregivers are the world’s foremost experts in raising and releasing baby bears. More than 150 bears have been successfully released into the wild protected forests in the Tver region in the past few years.
And now these six bears are beginning their journey to freedom. But they have a long road ahead.
Please join their journey by giving today.
With your help, IFAW can be there for them!
Please contact IFAW at 1-888-500-4329. Our address is 301 1/2 Bank Street, Unit 2, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X7.


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