(Video) How do elephants celebrate mother’s day?


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May 2012

I’d like to share with you a very special video we put together in honour of Mother’s day.
The video features Cynthia Moss, a world-renowned elephant expert and partner on IFAW’s Global Elephant Team. Cynthia has studied elephants in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park for more than 40 years. Her groundbreaking research has given the world a much deeper understanding of the social lives of elephants.
After surviving a terrible drought in 2009, Amboseli’s elephant moms are now helping deliver a baby boom to the park. In this video, Cynthia discusses the flood of new arrivals…how the tight bond between elephant mom and her growing baby is formed…and the special ways that mom and baby communicate.

Elephant  video

I hope you enjoy the video. And thank you for helping make this a happy mother’s day for Amboseli’s elephants, and for so many other animals around the world.
Happy Mother’s Day,

Fred O'Regan
Fred O'Regan

Fred O’Regan


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