Seal Hunt Action: Urge the Senate to have a real debate about the seal hunt


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May 2012
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Throwing good money after bad.
That’s the only way I can describe what our government continues to do by supporting the commercial seal hunt with our taxes.
At a time when vital services in Canada are being cut and all levels of government are talking about fiscal responsibility, it makes no sense to pour more money into propping up the dying seal hunt industry.
Seal products have been banned by the European Union and countries around the world…all the major markets for seal products are closed…and the number of sealers participating in the hunt is shrinking every year.
On May 2, Senator Mac Harb introduced his Bill to end the commercial seal hunt.
We need your help now to make sure that this bill receives an open and rational debate.
Please tell the Senate to support an open debate on the commercial seal hunt and whether or not it should continue to be propped up by taxpayers.
IFAW polls show that the majority of Canadians want the commercial seal hunt to end in Canada. It is a black mark on the entire country and is having a negative impact on international relations.
It’s time to urge our government to act on the will of its people — it’s time for a real debate on the commercial seal hunt.
Please contact the Senate today.
Thank you for helping,

Sheryl Fink
Sheryl Fink Signature

Sheryl Fink
IFAW Seal Programme Director

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Put seal hunt in spotlight

Please tell our Senate that it’s time for a real debate about the seal hunt.

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