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To The Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled: The petition of the undersigned, residents, of the Province of British Columbia, states that:

Many thousands of dogs are chained or penned permanently, left to live solitary, desperate lives filled with aching loneliness, unbearable boredom and excruciating frustration. Many dogs live their entire lives on chains…
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Little Star was left to die, all alone, in a box, in the dark and in the freezing cold, her cries muffled by a tight rubber band around her muzzle which rotted her lips. Now she’s as alive as any dog can be: she has a family to play with, she sleeps in a warm bed every night, and she has Shawna who will ensure that she never suffers like that again.

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Two Car Lot Dogs’ Happy Ending
Jacob the Rottweiler and Lucy the Shepherd were doomed to die as cheap alarms in a car lot until their Rescue Angel came for them

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