STOP the elephant MASSACRE



I’m sickened by a recent attack on elephants, and I’m writing you with this urgent plea to help them.

IFAW staff has just returned from Bouba Ndjida National Park in Cameroon where we witnessed the aftermath of a horrifying slaughter of these majestic animals.

To date more than 300 elephant carcasses have been found and poachers have claimed a total of 650.

That’s almost half the Park’s total population of these beautiful creatures slaughtered – in just a couple of months!

Entire elephant families – in Cameroon and in other countries – are being wiped out by assault rifles, stabbed with poison spears, even electrocuted with hidden cables!

We need to train and equip rangers to protect our majestic elephant friends.

We need to end the illegal trade in elephant ivory by continuing our groundbreaking law enforcement work with INTERPOL and our critical training of customs officials.

We need to protect vital elephant habitat and care for the animals wherever they live.

We need YOU.

You can help stop the elephant massacre.

Ivory poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on ivory.

And these killers are using a sickening new method: they trap a baby elephant and wait for its mother to come to rescue it. When mom arrives, they spray her with bullets and kill her in cold blood.

Please protect elephants from these vicious, ruthless killers.

Elephants are so much like us. Females in particular are very family-oriented and social. They care so deeply for their young they will risk their own lives to protect them. And they grieve for their lost loved ones, often standing vigil over their bones for days on end and even “burying” them with brush and dirt.

There’s no denying – they need and deserve our protection. And they had it – for a short time. The trade in ivory was banned in 1989. Demand dropped and poaching plummeted.

But some governments got greedy. They wanted to sell their huge stockpiles of ivory in so-called “one-off” ivory sell-offs.

The “one-off” sale of 1999 was followed by a second in 2008…and the message was clear for the poachers: since governments will eventually sell the ivory, let’s kill elephants, collect their tusks, and slip our illegal ivory into the legal market.

Elephants are dying every day because of this illegal trade, and they need your help now.

Please give now to stop the elephant massacre.

Together we can make a better tomorrow for elephants and all animals.

Thank you,

Fred O'Regan Fred O'Regan Signature

Fred O’Regan

P.S. We have made such progress through the years in our fight to save elephants from ruthless poachers. But the poachers are now stepping up their attacks. Please help us protect elephants and make a better world for all animals.


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