Help Find Killer(s) of FIFTEEN cats in Maple Ridge, B.C.

By Mike Raptis, The Province, March 26, 2012

Up to 15 mutilated cats have been found in Maple Ridge since June 2011 – prompting police, the SPCA and a local veterinarian to make a public plea to find the culprit.

The latest dismembered cat – a black and white feline – was found in Hammond Park on March 11.

Just the severed bottom half was discovered in what the SPCA’s Lorie Chortyk is calling a deliberate placement by a “disturbed individual.”

“We know that someone is deliberately doing this,” said Chortyk. “Several have been in the same area, often found in people’s yards, public parks, with no attempt to hide or bury the bodies.”

Some cats have been completely dismembered, while others have been slit from throat to tail with a very sharp object.

Ridge Meadows RCMP have no leads on who the culprit is, but believe one person is responsible.

Vet Dr. Adrian Walton from Dewdney Animal Hospital has looked at three of the cats and said despite a large coyote population in Maple Ridge, this appears to be the work of a human.

“The major things you’re looking for are evidence of secondary wounds,” he said. “In coyote attacks, they bite at the back end because they’re chasing after the cat. Cats will also put up a fight, so shredded claws are also an indication.”

Chortyk said this kind of cruelty to animals is disturbing for the community and warns nearby residents to not let their cats outside.

“We know from research that people who act out in these ways also can act out on humans,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the SPCA’s senior animal protection officer, Const. Eileen Drever, at 604-834-7854.

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