Dog/Cat Hybrid discovered



April 1, 2012

Early this morning, scientists at Liger University released a statement reporting the discovery of a here-to unknown species that appears to be a dog-cat hybrid. (Finally, cat people and dog people with something in common!) The animal was discovered living in a small colony in caves near Lyon, France, apparently subsisting on bats. A local woman who saw the scientists emerge with one of the new species, for now being referred to as “dat,” was reported as exclaiming, “Agh! C’est un monstre!”. Reactions are mixed, however; the university has reported being besieged by calls from individuals interested in adopting a dat. 


UPDATE: near relative of dog/cat hybrid “dat” discovered in neighbouring village. For now it is being called “cog.”


HAHAHAHAHA… APRIL FOOL’S (sorry it’s late)


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