Jasmine The Baby

Hi everybody. My name is Jasmine and I am a Shih Tzu through and through. My Mommy didn’t know what that meant when she brought me home a few months ago but I’m teaching her!
I love my pack very much and even though my big sister Sophie just ignores me most of the time that’s okay because I LOVE teasing my brother Bobby. Sometimes we fight over the “softies” and Mommy laughs at us, we can keep this game up for hours! I think Bobby is almost as stubborn as me…we’ll see about that.
I love car rides, if I get to sit on the console and not in my kennel, and sleeping in my Mommy and Daddys bed! Daddy says “NO dogs in the bed”, so I stay in my own little bed and then when they are asleep I jump up and sleep in the middle ALL night.(tee hee)



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