If I didn’t have a dog…

I could walk around barefoot in the yard.
Flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and food would be free of hair.
When the doorbell rings, my house wouldn’t sound like a kennel.
When the phone rings, my house wouldn’t sound like a kennel.
I could sit anywhere I wanted on the couch, and sleep in my bed anyway I wanted.
I would have money (and no guilt) to go on a vacation.
I wouldn’t be woken in the middle of the night to answer p(ee)-mail.
I would not be on a first-name basis with six veterinarians.
My pockets would not contain things like poop bags, treats and an extra leash.
I would use more of my vocabulary than just “sit, down, come, no, stay, and leave it”.
I’d look forward to spring and the rain instead of dreading ‘mud’ season.
I would not have as many leaves INSIDE my house as out.
I would still know how to walk in heels.
There would be no laughing at puppy antics or cuddling with warm, furry bodies. I wouldn’t fully understand the joy of sharing the simple things.
I wouldn’t have met some of the kindest selfless people I have ever known.
If I didn’t have a dog, I might be dressed nicer and have more money, but I wouldn’t be nearly as happy.


7 responses to “If I didn’t have a dog…

  1. Oh I can so relate! I found you through Bassa, and I’m glad i did!

  2. That is so true! When Mom didn’t rescue me, yet, she was sad and lonely. Also she thought the roll of paper towels would last FOREVER!

    Love and licks,

  3. Awww! That’s totally right! 🙂

  4. This is fantastic! Of course, being a dog, I don’t fully understand the negative connotations of many of the points 🙂

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