Lil’ Bro Owen Drivin’ Me CWAZY!

I don’t know what is wrong with my baby bro Owen.  He is nuts!  he drive mama nuts!  Every time we go out to peepee, Owen, well him refuse to go back in the house unless he sees ME going in the house first.  If he no see me going in, he turns around and practically drag mama down the steps…him don’t want to go in unless I go in.  Does anyone out there know what makes a big dumb boy Shih-Tzu act like that?  Then when I goes into the house, Owen waits till he see me go into the front door first and then him turn around and bark him head off!  Him bark at my bro Ripley too and Ripley bark right back at him and I am in the middle of all that noise and so it make ME bark too and then mama she is tellin’ us ALL to be quiet!    Owen also do other dumb things.  Him tries to eat MY dinner and then sneak over to his own bowl and eat his dinner too!  Him love to STEAL FOOD but him take MY food and him even dumb enough to take Ripley’s food!  And when mama ketch him, her has to play “cafeteria cop” and watch to make sure we all get our own food.

THEN at bedtime…Owen goes really crazy!  Him won’t let Ripley get on the bed!  So mama had to make it so Ripley be the first one to get on the bed.  Owen, well him too short and fat to get up on that big bed by hisself…him hafta wait for mama to pick him up and mama won’t pick him up till Ripley get on the bed first…and then her lift Owen up on the bed and then the fight starts over the rawhides!  Owen and Ripley both always want the SAME ONE and mama has to split them up between them two.  Her offer Owen first choice one night and then Ripley get first choice the next night.  But no matter what one Ripley want, Owen want that one and then mama has to supervise and let them trade back and forth till they both be happy.  It be that stupid Owen that be the trouble maker though!  I no go on the big bed because I hates it up there.  I like to be on the floor where it be cooler than the big bed and mama let me stay there but her got eyes like a hawk and when her ketch me sneakin’ offn’ the nice piles of beds her made for me on the floor, her tell me that I hafta stay on the bwankets or her gonna puts me on the big bed!  I hates it up there!  But even when I be good and no sneak offn’ the bwankets, sometimes mama put me on the big bed anyway cuz her say it be freezing outside and there be no heat coming into that bedroom cuz her said daddy won’t get offn’ him lazy behind and fix the broken pipe down under the house that make heat come into the room….but I loves no heat!    But when it be really reeeeeeeeeally cold outside, mama make me sleep on the big bed and I gets mad at her and I gets even too.  I crawl up by mama head and push my face into her neck and beg her for the snacks she has like oranges and stuff.  So mama give me some oranges and tell me to behave but I no behave…I keeps sticking my nose in her neck till her put me back down on the floor on my own beds, heeheehee….I knows how to gets my own way!

But I need help with that rotten lil’ bro Owen.  Maybe my cuzzins in Canada could help me?  Maybe my twin Bobby and Sophie and Jazz could help me?  Jazz you be like Owen…I mean you be the same kinda doggie him is….can you tells me how to make him behave himself?  Him gonna get mad at me fer this but I heard him tell mama that he think you are really CUTE and would love to be yer boyfriend….but ifn’ I was you, I would tell him to go climb a kite…or to go fly a tree…or sumfin like that!




One response to “Lil’ Bro Owen Drivin’ Me CWAZY!

  1. Have you tried asking Lil’ Bro Owen what is drivin’ him CWAZY? 🙂