Most people might think that doesn’t sound like good practice…never saying no to your dogs. However, I don’t mean to indicate that you should give them chocolate or pork or anything that could hurt them. No, I’m talking about when they want things such as going outside at 3am on the pretense of having to go potty…and you end up standing outside in a blizzard at about 10º F freezing your tush off..while your precious canine decides to sniff and taste every single snowflake he/she can find.
That is the way it is with all of my babies….but one in particular, Ripley. That boy will drag me out in the most brutal weather acting like the pp is running down his leg…only to decide to saunter around looking for something interesting on the ground…and does it at the most ungodly hours of the night. I, in the meantime, am freezing, trying to coax him into going back into the house. I try to sneak up on him with his leash…but he walks away giving me a reproachful look and stays out of my reach. Then, I just give up. Why? Because one day he won’t be here to annoy me like this anymore and I will stand alone outside in my yard with the tears running down my face wishing that he were there to annoy me once again. So whenever he has me shaking leaves off the tree at 2:30am so he can jump up and catch them, or has me chasing him around the yard as he tries in vain to see if his friends the squirrels might be up, or even when it is pouring rain outside and he wants to splash in the puddles and get himself all wet and muddy, I will just stand there and smile. Because when that day does come…I will know that I made him very happy because I never told him “no”. Even when he is finally done catching leaves, romping in the mud, eating snowflakes and he finally consents to allowing me to put his leash on…he has one more trick up his paws. As I get closer and closer to my front door, anticipating the warmpth of my bed…Ripley will suddenly make a detour…and walk me to the end of my street where he will settle down to watch all the cars go by. He loves to watch each car, truck or bus as they lumber silently down the street in the wee hours of the morning. And I stand behind him smiling…and then reach down to hug his precious neck and give him kisses all over his loving little face as he wags his little tailess butt as if to say “Thank you mama; I love you too”.



  1. ripleyandyowen

    . Your dog was very lucky to have you takng care of him and loving him. Dogs know when they’re loved…as my vet told me about Suzy who lived to be 17…and survived cancer at the age of 10. He told me that dogs who live good long lives do so many times due to the love and care they receive from their families. Your dog obviously knew he was loved and was with you a good long time. Would love to have known him.

  2. We just lost our 13 year old dog. I’m glad that we indulged his needs during his lifetime.

  3. My tall person is quite indulgent but is not very good during the dark hours – I woke him up very early yesterday and then decided I didn’t need to go out. He gave me ‘the look’ and offered to tell me the story of the boy who cried wolf but I just went back to sleep 🙂

  4. Very sweet post! I agree with you there. Our dogs just know that at about 9pm, they get let outside one last time for about half an hour and they get their last wiggles out. Luckily, they both happily sleep through the night until around 6am. But I’ve definitely had those nights were my old boy wakes me up and I end up standing outside watching him meander until he finds that ‘perfect’ spot.

  5. nanawithtwodogs

    Ripley you are such a lucky boy, and so sweet too!