Diary of a shelter dog

I’ve been standing here on this cold cement all week listening to the other dogs barking & howling all the time. Sometimes I join in because I want to belong. I have a dirty dish with dry food in it and a bucket full of water. Nobody notices that I’m not eating. I have a bed and a doggie door open to the cold and rain outside. I’m cold, sore and sick. I hurt all over. It even hurts when I breathe and strange noises come from my throat and chest.
I can’t even eat because the few teeth I have are rotten and my gums are sore and infected. My fur is smelly, dirty and matted so badly it pulls on my skin. I’d like to scratch my filthy, sore ears and my itchy skin but I can’t. My hips are dislocated and my arthritis is so severe that I can barely move. I don’t want to sit or lie down because it hurts too much.
Nobody takes me for a walk, even though I heard someone ask to. No one has bathed me or brushed my hair, I am losing most of it anyways, but it would feel so nice. My nails haven’t been trimmed for so long and that makes it hard to keep standing all the time.
I am depressed because I want to wag my tail and look pretty, they way I was created to be, but my balding tail is completely crusted with tapeworm eggs. I had to eat lots of horrible things and drink from puddles to stay alive when I was living on the street, and now my tummy hurts and I pass gas all the time because my belly is full of pinworms and roundworms.
The people here know I have health problems because that’s what I hear them tell everybody. Somebody came and wrote words outside my kennel that say “Senior mixed breed” and now I watch as people come and look at me and then leave saying things like “too old”, “health problems” and I’m alone again.


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