Call on your local leaders to Restrict Pet Store Sales of Commercially Bred Dogs and Cats

Humane Society International/Canada
MONTREAL — HSI Canada and the Montreal SPCA applaud a decision by the City of Toronto to counter the cruel puppy and kitten mill industries by prohibiting the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, as more than 500 seriously neglected dogs recover in an emergency shelter following their historic rescue from a large scale commercial breeding operation.

On Wednesday, the City of Toronto became the second municipality in Canada to prohibit pet store sales of commercially-raised dogs and cats, following a similar ban in Richmond, British Columbia that occurred in 2010. Toronto area pet stores will now be allowed only to obtain dogs and cats from animal shelters in the province.

“Ending the pet store sale of commercially-raised dogs and cats will help to curb the distribution of animals from unethical commercial breeding operations,” said Lauren Scott, campaigner for HSI Canada. “In our emergency shelter, we’re seeing firsthand the devastating impact of consumer demand for designer dogs, and Toronto’s compassionate decision has set an example we want all Canadian municipalities to follow.”

“The City of Toronto’s decision to restrict sales of dogs and cats at pet stores eliminates a major distribution network for puppy and kitten mills”, said Alanna Devine, director of Animal Advocacy for the Montreal SPCA “However, dogs and cats continue to be sold over the Internet and in locations that are not the breeding site, such as flea markets, allowing puppy and kitten mills to thrive. Ultimately, the consumer bears responsibility for ensuring they do not support these illegal operations by purchasing companion animals in this fashion.”


Adopt deserving dogs and cats from shelters and give these animals a much needed second chance.


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