Ripley’s Midnight Frolics

Well, he did it to me again last night. Ripley, my beloved Brittany Spaniel, has a love of “catching leaves”. So on the pretense of “needing the potty”, he will come over to my side of the bed in the middle of the night like last night. Around 2:45AM he stuck his nose in my face and began whimpering which is something I cannot stand; I’ll give him anything he wants when he puts that whimpering on like that. He dragged me outside but he didn’t need the potty. He sat and stared at the trees and began whimpering again…he wanted them to fall so he could catch them and eat them. So since none were falling, I tried to pick some off the ground for him. Oh no. He wouldn’t settle for THAT. He wanted the ones on the tree. So like an idiot, I began whacking at the tree with my trusty rusty rake and began knocking leaves off the tree. Ripley began leaping up in the air like the Orca’s do at Sea World flipping and turning and grabbing leaves, chomping them up and either eating them or spitting them out. When I got tired of this after five minutes, I told him “GATE!” he knows that means we are going back inside. He said NO. He began HOWLING like a MANIAC and would not stop until I continued to knock the leaves off the tree for him. What a NUT! I kept this up for another half hour and finally put my foot down and said NO MORE and tried to get him to go to the gate. No dice. When a 60 pound Brittany decides he is NOT MOVING, nothing short of a bulldozer will make him move. So I picked up a handful of leaves and like an idiot, sprinkled them as I walked him back…that is I walked and he “leaped” every other step grabbing the leaves on the way back to the front door. I finally got to go back to bed around 3:30AM. Twenty minutes later….I heard this plaintive whimpering again….oh no I thought. Not again. The whimpering got louder and more insistent. THIS time, he really DID need the potty! What a little pisspot!


3 responses to “Ripley’s Midnight Frolics

  1. ripleyandyowen

    Hahaha! Sometimes I try to pretend I don’t know he’s there…and pretend to be asleep. That’s when he will shove that big cold wet nose of his right in my face…and then I just resign myself to looking like an idiot again, knocking leaves off the trees, lol.

  2. You were shaking leaves off a tree in the middle of the night? You might want to re-negotiate this relationship!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. nanawithtwodogs

    Ripley, Ripley, Ripley…. It’s a good thing your Mommy loves you so much!